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Draw attention through dynamic content and increase your sales.

Find out the easiest way to turn your TV or another digital screen into a powerful communication tool.


Share content on any screen.

We offer the best content promotion and display solution that improves consumer experience, enables an interactive presentation of the offer, and encourages customer communication with your brand and products. Our product line can be used in various fields such as banking, retail, education, food industry, public services, government industry and others.


Why does your business need digital signage?

Digital signage allow any business to easily present products, services, or other content to remark and interact with more customers.


Create quality content, promote it in 3 steps.

1. Install the player.

Our solution gives you an opportunity to use several types of the player, depending on your needs and the types of the screens you use. here

2. Design the content.

With animations, your content comes life. Apply to rotate, zoom, fade and many more effects to slide elements: it’s all smooth and stylish. Just bring your creativity and our editor will do the rest.

3. Broadcast the content.

The advantage of instantly changing content, scheduling and arranging ads based on daytime or other parameters. The unlimited possibility to choose when and where your content will appear.


Choose a pre-configured block, or your own hardware.

You can use your own device or buy a pre-configured speaker that connects to your TV or digital screen.

COCO Signs - Player is available on the Android operating system. The media player of the platform is lightweight and compact. Despite its small size, the media player is packed with all features and is very effective. Is designed for 24/7 hours of use, with an influential processor, storage memory, control port, video output for monitoring.

The small COCO Signs - Player can be connected to the back of a monitor using a TV support. This makes the solution very compact and can be deployed at any location.

Choose the best for you,
we'll take care of everything else.

Whether you are looking for a complex personalized solution or you have a limited budget and you need a quick solution , COCO Signs offers you the most advantageous packages according to your needs.


per screen

* 14 days free trial

Payment Methods

Payments can be made monthly or annually (in case of annual pre-payment you get two months free). Payment options are: Credit/Debit Card, PayPal and Direct Debit (Europe only). Invoice billing is available annually for accounts of five or more screens (except for two free months).

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